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Hardware Products

This lists some past and current products we have had or have in our shop. Please refer to the project pages for status and the Shop for availability.
Sharp Zaurus
The first Linux based PDAs
Letux n30
A Linux distribution for the Acer n30 PDA (view project)
Letux 400
A MIPS based WiFi Minibook with Linux (view project)
Letux 380
A Linux based Quadband phone
Letux 2804 / GTA04
Our own design for a UMTS/Cortex-A8/WiFi Smartphone motherboard for the Openmoko devices. It comparable in complexity and functionality to an iPhone 3G (buy)
Letux 3704
A PDA variant of the GTA04 with optional RFID/NFC reader and bigger display (buy)
Letux 7004
A 7 inch tablet prototype based on the GTA04 with inductive charging (buy)