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Contributions to Open Source Projects

We are actively participating and contributing to open source projects initiated by others. The most notable are:

Pyra Handheld

Being a successor of the OpenPandora (view) we develop the electronics of the DragonBox Pyra Handheld (view)


We have been one of the largest resellers of the Openmoko Freerunner (GTA02) devices. (view)

GNUstep (FSF)

We contribute Simple WebKit, a WebKit compatible framework written only in Objective-C. This makes it small and easy to understand. (view)

Replicant (FSF) - Android

Replicant aims at a fully free Android system so that there are no hidden and secret functions inside any binary file. (view)


AJZaurusUSB was initiated by Andreas Junghans and is a CDC Ethernet Gadget driver for MacOS X that avoids some problems of system provided drivers. It is used to connect embedded devices (e.g. Sharp Zaurus, Openmoko, Letux) to a Macintosh through USB. (view)

PowerVR/SGX reverse engineering (FSF)

We are interested in getting a free and open driver for the 3D GPU (PowerVR SGX) of our devices. (view)